ANDi, the first Genetically modified primate, contains Jellyfish DNA.

The Rhesus monkey is the most commonly used primate in scientific and medical research. Some of their Exploits are listed below:

  • Launched into space by both the Americans and Soviets during the 1950s and 60s
  • Became the first cloned primate in 1995
  • First Primate to be Genetically modified with the birth of ANDi in 2001 [1]
  • Instrumental in the eradication of the Smallpox virus

They are used in research because of their similar DNA and physiology to humans, particularly in terms of brain structure. the Rhesus monkey shares 93% of its genome with humans, and therefore acts as a very close analogue for many purposes. Rhesus monkeys are relatively plentiful, and easy to keep in a research environment.