OpenBCI 1m

One of the Open source options available to hobbyists.

Upon completing the System Attributes step of the Systems Engineering Process we are in a position where we can determine our design and specifications for our 'Ideal' Consumer Brain-Computer Interface Device. This needs to be developed in close consultation with the Attributes Cascade to ensure proper fufillment of the Customer requirements.

Our DesignEdit

In order to determine an approximate cost for our product, we can only compare to the features of other C-BCIs and interpolate this into our own design.

From the system attributes cascade we can immediately see what our BCI needs, however many of the attributes are numerical, so here I place a quantitative figure on those (with justification) such that we end up with the best C-BCI we can reasonably come up with in the current landscape.

Note that software and Mathematical data processing is ignored for the purposes of this design.

  • It is not practical to have 10-20 EEG mapping as described in the attributes cascade, this is what the IntendiX has, and is not possible at any reasonable price. Therefore I have decided upon 16 electrodes. This is more than the Brainwave (1) and Emotiv Insight (5). I have selected this number as it provides as high quality data as possible without excessive expense, for comparison the Emotiv EPOC device had 14 Electrodes, and was able to produce 13 Outputs (At a retail price of $300 each).
  • The electrodes will be dry and have a plastic cover between them and the scalp (same style as used in Brainwave, Insight)
  • The device will have a plastic exoskeleton which is delibarately undersized such that when it is placed on the head, there is a force applied to keep the electrodes in contact with the scalp. This also secures the device.
  • The device will incorporate a 9-axis gyroscope in order to provide extra data and gaming prospects without significantly increasing cost.

Based on the prices of competing technologies I estimate that such a device would enter the market at the $500 price point. The final amount is dependent on the amount of investment in the software aspects of design.