Go Back: Systems Engineering Process Next Step: Requirements Engineering The process of supplying a set of Customer Requirements for the design of our Ideal C-BCI device is not as simple as it first appears. A small survey of 20 people (with a short introduction to the field given to them) was conducted to determine the following 6 ranked requirements of a good Consumer BCI device. The number after each criteria shows the percentage of those surveyed who chose that point as one of their customer requirements.

  1. Safety (100%)
  2. Accuracy (100%)
  3. Number of Output Channels (85%)
  4. Ergonomics and ease of use (70%)
  5. Cost (65%)
  6. Software Integration (50%)

The final of those customer requirements is an interesting one, as it relies not on the device itself but on the applications that are available for it to be used with. It is certainly a very valid requirement to have, but will fall outside of our design considerations for much of the engineering process.

In the next step in the engineering process Requirements Engineering we will build these vague customer requirements into a more useful set of criteria by which we can just existing designs, and shape our own.