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Welcome to the Consumer BCI WikiEdit

This wiki was developed as part of the ENGN2225 course at the Australian National university . It offers a comprehensive review of current and upcoming Brain-Computer Interface technology for consumers, as well as offering recommendations going forward, using standard engineering design processes .

A significant part of the work (and demonstation of understanding of Systems engineering principles) was undertaken in the systematic review of current products, drawing from this a set of guidelines for the design of a realistic, ideal Consumer-BCI device .

What is a Brain Computer interface (BCI)? What is a Consumer Brain-Computer Interface (C-BCI)?Edit

The term Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) can be used to describe a multitude of separate technologies that share the same purpose, to read signals in the brain and then to interpret them meaningfully as an input to a computer.

The vast majority of BCI technologies are designed for Medical or Research purposes and require large amounts of technical expertise and financial investment. Consumer-BCI technologies aim to make this field of technologies available to the consumer as a plug-and-play product usable by one with little relevant experience. The most common operating principle behind Consumer-BCI is Electroencephalography (EEG).

The market for Consumer-BCI is mainly limited to early adopters, gamers and hobbyists. This is due to the still relatively low accuracy and usable output channels of current options. These are, however, offered at a significantly lower price than their medical counterparts.