Consumer BCI technology is distinct from normal BCI technology in that it has a different set of priorities. BCI technology was for a long time restricted to research labs, and was cost prohibitive for any consumer purpose. With the maturing of EEG technology and new manufacturing processes for electrodes, a consumer-level price point is now achievable. For a more general background of BCI technology see here. Some Advantages/Drawbacks are taken from the EEG page .


Necomimi - a Consumer BCI headset designed to read the wearer's emotions and portray them through movement of the cat-ears.


  • Be available for a  cost accesible to the average consumer.
  • Read brainwaves and use them to provide reliable input into a computer.
  • Determine emotional response through brain waves.
  • Display real-time EEG data.
  • Easy to use with dry electrodes.


  • Low-Cost (Neurosky Mindwave available for under $100). [1]
  • Non-invasive, consumers do not want a surgically implanted prothetic for what is an entertainment device.
  • Easy to use, normally implemented in an ergonomic headset design
  • Well understood from its long history in the medical field
  • Brings theraputic effects to the mass market (Meditation improvement, sleep pattern checking).
  • Available at different levels of complexity/price to suit individual needs.


  • Quality of data is low compared to semi-Invasive (ECG) and invasive (Neuroprosthesis) methods.
  • As a result, limited output channels (with bad data, trying to use too many channels will lead to overlap of commands and decrease in reliability of BCI).
  • Accuracy of raw data with regards to actual nature of signals is disputed (separate to low quality of data, as training can hide this problem for gaming/control purposes, however for any diagnostic application, a device such as that in the video is completely useless). This is also a result of our limited understanding of brain waves .
  • Safety issues still exist, and cost-cutting can increase risk.
  • Limited by software interpretation of data. 
    Tan Le A headset that reads your brainwaves TEDTalks

    Tan Le A headset that reads your brainwaves TEDTalks

    Tan Le (CEO Emotiv Lifescience) on the Emotiv Consumer-BCI Headset

Main BrandsEdit

  • Neurosky - Low cost C-BCI targeted under $100
  • Emotiv Systems -- Mid-range C-BCI at the $500 price range
  • g.tec - High cost C-BCI at the $10,000 price range

The flagship product for each brand (Neurosky Brainwave, Emotiv Insight, g.tec Intendi.x) will be tested in the Engineering design process to place a quantitative evaulation on their respective quality.

Below is a quick summary of the key specifcations of three major C-BCI products.

No. of Electrodes Number of Output Channels Accuracy (compared to medical EEG). Cost Raw EEG available
Neurosky Brainwave 1 2 96% [2] $99 Y
Emotiv Insight 5 4 Not Given $500 N
g.tec IntendiX

Variable -

Full 10-20 Mapping available.

8 98% [3] $12,000 Y